• Less Noise More Signal: A dynamic Identity

    Visual exploration into the aesthetics of interface design; part of the process of creating a dynamic identity for Less Noise More Signal.

      • Challenging the U(suability) of the (I)interface by deconstructing and exaggerating the building blocks of a website.
      • Old and existing GUIs translated into a contemporary form; with an intended exaggeration of flat.
      • An ode to 90s style web design
      • An ode to 90s style web design
      • Patterns and halftones of existing GUIs; intentionally left flat.
    1. Fetishizing the interface; more signal affiche
    2. Fetishizing the interface; less noise affiche

    Jul 2014

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  • More Signal: Identity Tool

    A tool that generates iterations of the identity based on a set of graphics

    Jul 2014




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  • history of GUIs

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  • Dynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand

    author: Irene van Nes

    ISBN: 9789063692858

    "This visual book looks into design systems for brand identities that produces identities that are alive, meaning that they can change and generate new versions based on external data."

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