As We May Think* is a platform for (graphic) design(,) research** and writing founded by Simona Kicurovska***. 
As We May Think seeks new connections by turning issues upside down in a process of analysis and asking critical questions. 

The practice of design is manifested through dialogue and the discoveries of unpredicted visual language; Design is a means of observation, exploration, investigation, engagement, critique and participation. (not an end in and of itself).

This is not a portfolio website****, but a collection of trails of everything (else) that is  part of the design process within my practice. It’s my private library, where I note and collect my findings, musings, questions and sketches. 


As We May Think is the title of an article written by Vannevar Bush, published in The New Atlantic, ‘coincidentally’ exactly 69 years ago at the time of writing.

By re-appropriating this name, I draw inspiration for observations from its vision (and predictions) of the future; of having and sharing knowledge; of technology’s enhancement of our reality.

Design research is not the same as scientific research, although scientific methods may be used in collaboration with scientists;

design research is not always the same as artistic research, in the way design and art are not always the same, eventhough some autonomous approaches may be applied especially in collaboration with artists.

Design research is almost research design, also design through research and most accurately research through design.


Simona Kicurovska [ki-tcú-rof-skah] is a Macedonian name. Originally from Skopje, I am now a designer based in both Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

Everything I know about design began with my studies at the HKU Utrecht School of The Arts; and continued at the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. One never stops a quest for knowledge of course, as now I study through my design practice. The term ‘study’ is intentionally used here instead of ‘learn’

I am also part of designer duo Boerboom|Kicurovska. And I teach Design Research to 3rd and 4th year Graphic Design students at the HKU. -- which is something I take more pride in then I openly admit. 

I (also, naturally) work on commissioned design projects, for print and web. My strong suit is (visual) storytelling, art direction, critical inquiry with a healthy dose of humor and a curiosity which happens to kill cats. My portfolio is available upon request. And I somewhat irregulary maintain a page on behance.